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Thu 02 February 2017

Experimenting With Backgrounds

Posted by Olen in misc   

We can find many techniques when it comes to paintings. Only a few Rock Solid would be able to get the right mixture of these techniques and would satisfy the every need of their clients. It is very hard to win hearts when it comes to big painting jobs. It is truly challenging because it is never easy to start from scratch. You never know where you would start or on what corner would you start stroking your paint brush. All that a painter must do is to be able to gather some inspiration with a good start for imagination. It is always good to start thinking about an idea so you would know where are you heading. With the idea in mind, you would be able to imagine what colors you might use to embody the image and then choose the perfect set of palette. After that, you have to face the challenge of choosing the right background that you can contrast your image from. There are many to choose from actually. One of the beautiful backgrounds that many artists make is by contrasting it to a magnificent marble image. This can be done in a few simple tricks with recycled materials you can get from old books and old dark colors. Another is creating a layered look from the old cards you have and scraping it across your medium creating an illusion of a layered painting. You can really imagine many kinds of background or you can get ideas from those who already done a brilliant master piece. You just got to create your own.