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Thu 12 January 2017

Better Be careful

Posted by Olen in misc   


Art has indeed taken different forms especially today that art has become diversified. This is what the Rock Solid Gold Coast  and in Rocksolid are committed to do. They aim to expose themselves to the different methods of the technology today when it comes to art specifically with painting. Painting could take a lot of purpose. The list could go on and on if we try to enumerate them one by one.


Take for example one of the evolutions of Paint, the Plaster of Paris. It was created in France from calcium base mixture. We never know how much will it worth in our future. All we know is that it has done may wonderful things and amazed great powerful audiences. Even we can make plaster in other forms of sources but this mixture emerge from all the rest. The calcium based mixture has become so important in many works related to painting and most especially with plaster. One of the traditional way is using shellac as a sealer for plaster. But this method is different as it uses another mixture for both painting and sealing. It is the main protocol to let the material dry, either a wall or a furniture, before you apply plaster on it. You have to be patient with this method because it will indeed take a long time. Always be obedient with what the manufacturers say about how to use the product. When you fail to follow, really expect for failure because it will not really stick to the surface of the wall.